Peter & Napalai more than 18 years experience
in mental training and meditation

see your feelings

and it changes your life


We know all our decisions and actions are influenced by our feelings. But how can I change them?

They have realized how valuable it is to no longer have fears, to no longer suffer, and instead to be free and to find one’s destiny, one’s love. Now is your time and it is possible – Guaranteed.

Peter has the solution – Change your future! – After just one session, many reach their goal.


The power of thought moves mountains.

Peter Christian Rabeneck has a gift for finding the real causes.
He knows how to activate your mind power so that you are FREE from worries, problems and fears.


Power of Mind Acadamy

You really want to learn new skills? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Combine proven methods from NLP, hypnosis, personnel diagnostics and much more with your skills and become a competent coach and trainer.


Experience and learn a centuries-old and proven way of meditation that is no longer taught in this way. Find your center and your own answers in life.

The way to come to your personal clarity and expansion of consciousness.

Non-binding consultation

No here is not “buying a pig in a poke” In advance please ask all your questions. We answer them all. We want to help you.

Price guarantee

We agree on session rates, not hourly rates. Price transparency creates trust.

Our coaching

Every person is different and through our professional and years of experience you will experience exceptional personal coaching.


Our success rate is 99% . If you do not notice any progress, you will get your money* back or a credit*.

*Departing from the time spent on amnanesis.

Our universe is designed for balance – Like our nature – Like us.

If there is darkness, there must also be brightness. Where there’s a sour, there’s a sweet. Everything is connected. So do our actions, our sensations. Often we think we have to take care of what’s wrong.

Example: Someone suffers because of fear of loss, we want to eliminate it. We will not succeed if we devote ourselves even more to the fears of loss than to reinforce the opposite. We need to find the root cause, e.g. in relationship management and building and strengthening what is not there enough. In general terms, this can be security, courage and love.

How do I proceed?



What is your goal and how energetically will you achieve it?
Is there a conflict of goals, for example on the subject of success, love or something else? Why do you keep attracting certain people into your life – E.g. narcissists.



We get to the bottom of things together. This includes asking uncomfortable questions. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s anxiety, frustration, negative experiences, mistakes, sexual issues, wanting children, couple issues, family, children, or overloads like burnout.


The Mental Session

It is not easy to explain and understand it. In the end, I am something of a travel companion. You determine where it goes, then we find out what triggers the current actions and dissolve them, or change them according to your ideas. At the end of the day, what matters to me is that you stay the way you are. We work with your resources.

And believe me, everyone has been surprised by the resources you have.


For success there needs to be a BEFORE and an AFTER

Before that means an initial conversation to find out if I can help you. One after that, because you will be accompanied by me throughout your process. The unconscious- must pass into conscious action.
It must fit like a key in a keyhole.

Here is a solution

Our coaching offers

Of course, we can customize your needs to suit you and of course everything is included in our warranty.


Basic package € 1290,00 incl. VAT

1 session + preliminary talk + 2 debriefings via telephone worth € 1690 incl. VAT


the 3 month package for 2890.00 incl. VAT

3 sessions + preliminary meeting + debriefings + emergency call option via phone. Instruction in the Move Meditaion. The most popular worth € 5360 incl. VAT


The 6 month package € 4990.00 incl. VAT

Same as the basic package plus 5 additional sessions + debriefings, incl. constant availability via telephone,and additional Move-Meditaion accompaniment worth € 10430 incl. VAT

Our meditation offers


Basic package € 90,00 incl. VAT

1 video tutorial + 1 debriefing via phone (15 min.) worth € 160 incl. VAT


Live basic package € 290,00 incl. VAT

1 video tutorial + 1 live tutorial via video call + 3 debriefings via phone (15 minutes) worth € 380 incl. VAT


The pampering package € 490.00 incl. VAT

Same as the basic live package plus preliminary meeting via phone + 2 additional video calls + 2 debriefings
worth € 890,00


With clarity
reach the goal

Far too often we are unknowingly influenced and wonder when things have gone wrong. There is a reason for that.

In therapeutic hypnosis or mental coaching one speaks of the so-called “critical subconscious”! It has its own rules and is therefore unpredictable. The only solution there is, for a lasting success, you must be able to determine the solution yourself and there we are in the supreme discipline of mental coaching.

We work on this principle and no matter what problem or challenge you are facing:
– whether it’s about your personality – your fears – your health – whether it’s about burnout prevention, budding depression, frustration, stress, bullying, or – mental health challenges from breakup, love, loss, or
– Other reasons goes that lead you to us:

You are important to succeed on your way
is my personal concern.


Questions, just call without obligation, or write me.

The way to us

Your non-binding consultation

Customers feedback

A heartfelt thank you

My sessions with Peter have had a central theme and have touched me deeply emotionally. In hypnosis, which I was always worried about and which is so solution-oriented, the cause of the blockage came up. Immediately afterwards, I was able to take a really deep breath. Before I had a kind of belly band that is now gone. Free breath, feeling of freedom on all levels, unlocking in all that is and a wonderful feeling with which I now go through life. All in just 3 sessions!!!

I can only recommend Peter, he is very sensitive and sensible in his work. With a lot of empathy he gives confidence in the method, to me the solution was in a challenging situation.

Thank you Peter and keep up the good work.


Dear Mr. Rabeneck,

thank you very much for your wonderful support with my personal challenges. Working with you gave me a whole new perspective on old problems, which I was able to solve in a very short time with your help. I can definitely recommend your work!

Opening hours for non-customers

Working days from – 9:30 to 17:30

Saturdays – 09:00 till 11:30

Pirvat customers by arrangement


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